Design Process
Client requirements:
The first stage of the design process is to sit down with our clients and discuss their needs and what they want to achieve for their ultimate design. Site assessment: At this stage we assess the site for its best attributes and visualize what can go where and why. We like to maximize the views and take advantage of the natural surrounds including light, breezes and shade.
It is important that your future home fits into the land contours and natural environment.

Concept design:
The concept is where you have the basic design and drawings. At this stage we can change things and add or remove.
This is where you can visualize things better and have your say and input.

Once the concept drawings are to your satisfaction a full set of drawings can be produced showing the site plan, floor plan and elevations. We will also produce 3D visuals so you can see exactly what is to be built.
Now your drawings are ready to be submitted to Council for approval.

Interior 3d images:
If required our design team can provide a full set of 3D images of the internal aspect of your home, so you can imagine what it is going to be like.

Energy efficiency:
Our design team will specify all the energy efficiency requirements for your home. We aim for a six to eight star rating.